‘Clever’ Table Designs That Look Like Animals Are Half-Submerged In Water

There are so many unique designs for furniture these days, and each more surprising than the last. And now, this design made by Derek Pearce is surely going to amaze you, because these are truly unique.

Pearce has created some interesting coffee tables which look like animals are bathing inside of the glass. The “animals” are actually made out of wood. Pearce placed the animal sculptures inside of the glass so it would appear like they’re bathing in the glass as if it were water. These coffee tables have been nicknamed “water tables.” From hippos to dolphins to ducks – he designs the tables so the animals would be plunging in and out of the glass, which represents the water’s surface.

The result is truly amazing. Take a look below and let us know what you think about it.

More info: watertables.net | derekpearce.com

Looking For A Fun And Creative Piece Of Furniture To Spruce Up Your Space? Derek Got You Covered.

Derek Pearce’s stunning ‘Furniture Sculptures’ are famous worldwide collected by everyone from Rock Stars to Royalty. Derek is a man of unique creative vision.

To call him a designer is to understate the case wildly, his remarkable ‘WATER TABLES’ are an idiosyncratic range of glass-topped tables featuring immaculately sculpted hippos, ducks, seals, otters, frogs, and dolphins plunging in and out of glass depicting the water’s surface. They’re gravity-defying in both senses of the phrase: substantial carved and cast figures seemingly floating through the water – and impossible to look at without smiling.

In a world of anonymous, mass-produced commodities, the vision, wit, and craftsmanship of Derek Pearce’s singular works provide welcome relief. Investments they undoubtedly are, reflecting the skill and labor behind their creation, but irresistible to anyone seeking a modern heirloom that will provoke pleasure, amusement, and comment for years to come.

Derek’s ‘WATER TABLES’ were first released in 1997 and he has since exhibited and sold them throughout Europe, America, and Japan.

Pearce’s playful but adept aesthetic stems from a wide breadth of experience as a performer, stage carpenter, musical director, and teacher. He’s been building his Water Tables since 1997, and they’ve since been exhibited and sold throughout America, Europe, and Japan. You can enjoy some of his most clever designs below, or purchase one for yourself on the Water Tables website.