The Happiest Animals in the World are Quokkas, see these Pics

Animals are all cute, all they require for their cuteness to come out is some honest love from us humans, instead of caging them into zoos. And if we do offer them love and support, they will also be happy. But one of them is particularly happy, and its happiness can be quite contagious. So I suggest we call it off the further search for the happiest animal in the world because Quokka is the one.

These Australian Quokkas look so happy, you might think that nothing can bring them down. They see that light at the end of the tunnel at all costs. Or maybe it’s safe to say they give light to that end of the tunnel with their happy faces. Also, they don’t seem to be scared of pictures either, and there was even a craze a few years ago that saw people taking selfies with Quokkas.